Chakra Scanning

Do you want to know more about your energy body? You can use this service to have your aura and chakras scanned and get more info about your general aura, etheric body, nadis and the size, color, thickness and activation of your major chakras.

You’ll discover:

  • which part of your aura is weak
  • which chakra is weak
  • negative thoughtforms in the aura or chakras
  • blocked nadis
  • imbalances in the aura or etheric body

Recommended to:

  • yogis who practices higher forms of meditation technique
  • people who suspects they are under psychic attack
  • healers who need help in scanning their patient


Sample chakra development scanning

General Etheric Field

Size: Larger than average

Luminosity: Above average

Development of Chakras

Chakra Size Color Thickness Activation
Crown Chakra 3 1/2″ violet 1/2 cm less active
Forehead Chakra 3″ indigo blue 1/2 cm less active
Ajna Chakra 5″ light red 1 cm active
Throat Chakra 4″ blue 1 cm active
Heart Chakra 3 1/2″ gold 1 cm active
Solar Plexus Chakra 4 1/2″ orange red 1 cm active
Navel Chakra 4″ green yellow red 1 cm active
Sex Chakra 3 1/2″ orange red 1 cm active
Basic Chakra 5 1/2″ red 1 cm active

Coming soon (sample only)

Anthakarana: 8 strands

Kundalini Awakening: 3 layers awakened

Soul Ray: 2nd ray – love, wisdom, understanding, compassionate

Personality Ray: 3rd ray – creative intelligence, detailed, particular

Mental Body Ray: 5th ray – concrete knowledge, scientific, analytical, intellectual

Astral Body Ray: 6th ray – devotional, idealistic, loyal, faithful 4th ray – artistic

Etheric Body Ray: 7th ray – ceremonial magic, ritualistic, repetitive

Physical Body Ray: 7th ray – ceremonial magic, ritualistic, repetitive

Level of Initiation: 3 minor initiation or 1st major initiation passed

Note: Ray 1 is lacking in development, the use of the will power is not consistent. Ray 4 is not frequently use and need to be improved like an artist should.